Justin Dauer: The Reflex Blue Show #210

Justin Dauer – who I last spoke to and interviewed in 2017 while promoting his book “Cultivating a Creative Culture”, returns to discuss the book’s 2nd Edition: “Creative Culture: Human-Centered Interaction, Design, & Inspiration“. Well, more than just a second edition, as the content has doubled in size, and added a hardcover.

But yeah, what a difference 3 years has brought. The book, and our discussion, features a lot about setting a culture for your company that design and creativity can flourish in. A lot of this is physical environment, but as most of us have been remote working, it turns out that a lot of the lessons translate to the virtual world as well.

And even though I have not travelled to any conferences this year (and I am not sure there were any to travel to), when we spoke 3 years ago, I was at the HOW Conference in Chicago, Justin stopped by with his bags packed and on the way to the airport for a different conference in Florida. Seems like a decade ago! But even conferences go on (although heavily adapted this year). Turns out we both participated in the same conference this summer without realizing it – AIGA’s 2020 Portfolio Festival. I hope they make this into an annual thing, as it was well run, and great for graduation students. I was involved in reviewing portfolios, and Justin gave one of the keynotes on “Humility: The Designer’s Most Essential Trait“.

We also talk about onboarding a new team member virtually, job hunting in the unique environment that is 2020, changes in office working, and more.


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