By Steph Doyle
Images by Nicholas Nawroth & Kelly Parke

This year’s HOW design conference was a bit different for me than past design conferences, as I actually decided to experience some the host city’s cultural offerings. And I don’t mean from the inside of a restaurant or bar. Well, at least that was my intention.

On Monday, day 2 of the conference, the morning started out with an inspirational presentation given by my colleague and friend, Von Glitschka. The session was entitled, “Creating 5-Alarm Concepts” and used the metaphor of collecting matches. Not two things that are alike, but the sticks you use to start a fire. The matches are symbolic of the life experiences that we intentionally or accidently go through, and how we can translate those experiences into 5-alarm creative concepts for use in daily problem solving. Click the link above to download Von’s awesome presentation.

Tequila Slurpees

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