Kit Hinrichs: The Reflex Blue Show #255

Kit Hinrichs! Any time I see design I consider good, and then see Kit’s work…well he’s just at a different level than everyone else. And in case you think he’s not, check out his new book, NARRATIVE DESIGN: A Fifty Year Perspective, showcasing some of the things he’s designed over the past 50 years. On this episode, we welcome back Kit Hinrichs to The Reflex Blue Show to talk about the new book published by Graphis, how he was able to narrow it down to just 248 pages, and (this probably also relates to how he got this book down to a mere five pounds) the importance to refine and make things better.

We also discuss collecting things, what he’s collecting now, and designing a number of flag stamps for the United States Postal Service.  And if you want to get a hand on what he’s done recently, he’s still making your favorite paper sample booklet, The Standard. Issue Number 7, Forming Perceptions through Packaging, was recently released and we talk about what goes into a piece that the press check alone would be daunting for even the most senior of designers.

We end the show with Kit talking about the importance of our profession, and what we should take as our responsibility.


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