With 1PT.Rule I have a general guideline that while not all of these comics will be based directly off of my actual life experiences (though my high-school dating life would certainly make for an historically epic tragedy), that I should keep one foot grounded firmly in reality at all times. I swear to you I have known a man who placed ‘design ninja’ on his card, and in my mind that card takes on a certain amount of production-bling. I can only hope his results were this …draconian.

Well thanks for the love, world! 1PT.Rule has already given 36 Point it’s best week since launch (soon to be ever) and we’ve had a few folks out there send us some pretty awesome links and coverage. Big thanks then, to our new (and some good-ol’) friends:

If I missed anyone I’m sorry! The support, feedback, criticism (except for that whole that’s not a ‘fella’ thing) and comments have been warmly received and appreciated.

–n(inja) v–

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