I few months back Donovan and I struck out onto the world wide web’s second coming, er, “2.0.” 36 Point does have a Facebook group which is open for all to join. We try not use it to tell you how cool we are, or to vote for us when we are up for a prestigious Kid’s Choice Award or anything (though we are guilty of that to some extent), we sort of view it as fan-central to the things we do, and we like to take good care of those who care about what we do. Donovan and I are also generally accepting of friend requests on that network, though tossing out insults in your messages is probably not the best way to get on that train, as a few can attest. Tossing out locations like “I live in Australia and think you are cool” is probably the best way, come to think of it, based on recent examples. Not that we profess that Facebookers should uproot and head for the Land Down Under, just that it helps if you’re already there.