I would call today’s comic the stunning conclusion, if in fact I were perfectly aware that most readers knew I was telling a cohesive story this week (the titles of each were renamed and numbered ex-post-facto). In fact, now that it has been completed, I would wholeheartedly recommend that you experience the entire trilogy from the beginning.

I was going to start writing a bit more about a book I’ve been sent, and have been subsequently reading, titled Do You Matter? by man-god Robert Brunner and mortal Stewart Emery. I’m not far enough through it to give a wholehearted analysis yet, though. On the initial take, however, I’d describe it as a book more for CEOs than midwestern-based, sole-proprietor graphic designers, though there’s simply a ton a of great information in there that isn’t hurting me to have access to. In some ways it is like a larger version of the Brand Gap, taken from a much wider perspective and written with effect to punch you in the face. More on that next week.

Lastly, I have to say, last night’s The Office gave my wife and I designer-fits when the following conversation took place between Pam and Jim, regarding her “art school:”

Jim — “Failing? I thought you were good at Flash?”

Pam — “I was good at Flash, but then we switched to Acrobat just when I was learning Quark!”

How does that conversation make sense!? WTF NBC? Number one, I don’t think Acrobat means what you think it means. Number two, nobody uses Quark for anything anymore. Number three, your random listing of design software ruined the show last night. For me and like, probably 20 other people. But those 20 people are all sooooo maaaaaad.