Donovan here: Nate sends his best as I sit in the Eleven19 Corporate HQ in Omaha posting his comic which he literally phoned in revisions for, while he takes the podcast on the road solo for the 23rd episode that will launch next week. I keep forgetting not everyone has laptops. His comments:

Today we find intrepid friend of the site, Stew- er, Drew Davies, designer extraordinaire, going to make war with the Medusa of our time, the Florida Election Commission. Two full elections and eight grusomely long years later, and I feel the task at hand may still be too great for our champion. If finding more info about topics that are relevant to your life is your thing, I’m sure you could find out more about Design for Democracy’s efforts here.

Hope everyone enjoys the improvisational nature of today’s comic. Don’t let anyone tell you I don’t take deadlines seriously. Alas, I am away from my desk in the windy city this week, and this rough style may persist for a few days yet. But we do have a great podcast lined up while I’m here, so tune in next Thursday for that hotness.