Based on a true story from an alternate universe where we didn’t wait for Mr. Heller to leave before using his hotel room to the full extent of our abilities.

In case you missed it last week, Justin and the fine folks at Rule 29 posted a video account of my travels to their studio on their blog. You’ll want to skip the insane close-ups of my face and general creepiness of the first few seconds and skip to the halfway point where the Intern Quiz begins. Sadly, the very first question, “Name one typeface designed by Adrian FRUTIGER,” went unrecorded, but Intern Craig’s thunderous reply “FUTURA!” might be there for all posterity’s enjoyment. The answer came with all the speed and the passion of a 16-year-old unhooking his first bra, and landed with about as much success.

I’m having a great deal of frustration with the STEP 100 Reader’s Choice gallery and voting system. It is unwieldy, archaic, and blatantly favors those designs on the first page. I plan to conquer it today, and will report my findings soon.