Part 3 of Question Mark in our Spec Work fable unfolds like a wet paper bag today. How much exposure does a student designer whose appeared in that many magazines really need? As stated before, this storyline had a beginning but no end, so stay tuned next week, and possibly the week after.

Road Trip on Twitter.
36 Point’s official Twitter (as opposed to its unofficial one) was set up yesterday specifically so you can follow up on our misadventures to Arkansas this weekend. We’ll post as many dubious secrets of judging competitions as we can sneak out there. Or, if twitter isn’t your thing, you may notice we’ve plugged it right into the top right corner of every single page of this website. So you can just come back here every hour and inflate our traffic numbers. We really have no problem with that.

If you are in Arkansas, near Fort Smith, and want to hang out, drop Donovan a line form our Contact page. Late.