And it finally comes to an end! In the only way any spec project ever comes to an end. Other endings you will never see, in the vein of Lando dying at the end of Jedi:

  • A week-long sitting-and-waiting marathon, wherein the Newton, Marie, and Conrad find out Steve got the job in the very last panel of the last day.
  • A week-to-two-week-long kung fu battle to decide the winner after Sunrise Ultra Mega Corp melds their three ideas into one and pays out to none of them.
  • A bag of walnuts.

Whenever I meet people who visit 36 Point, I ask if they enjoy the strip. I’m sure this comes across as fishing for compliments, but when I’m targeting such a specific niche I really need to hear about what’s working and what’s not. It’s always fascinating to listen to which strips in particular people get a kick out of. For instance, not one of my local friends understood this strip when it first came out, but I just met two designers who told me not only did they get it right away, but that it was one of their favorites. Impossible!

On a side note, I’d like to say that I’m finally honing in on a working hairstyle for Marie. It’s been different just about every time I’ve drawn it, to a degree, but something about the way it turned out in Monday’s strip really clicked for me. For reference, it originally started off based on a student designer I met in Colorado (from Chicago — you know who you are), morphed into a quasi-final-fantasy-hero-do, and then finally hit on some cross between the original and yet another student designer I know. Small things, I know, but you wouldn’t believe how much drawing that hair has perplexed me.