So, diary time, folks. Let’s say you start an online comic, and the first you do pretty much bashes your local AIGA for doing something you didn’t like. Now let’s say that local chapter is doing something so totally awesome that you would cut off a leg to be a part of it. Well it turns out that you might not get invited over to play, on account of you being some sort of complete dickwad.

Pretty soon here, as soon as I get me some jpegs from our main man The Professor, I’ll show you the totally dope custom Munnys (Munnies?) that he’s done up for a special Munny-designing thing AIGA Nebraska is doing. It is somehow tied to a student portfolio review event they are cooking up, but really, who cares when you get people like Donovan, Steve, and Drew Davies rocking up custom toys. These will eventually be available for auction, with the proceeds – presumably going to a local scholarship (but don’t quote me on that).

My reaction to this exclusive awesom-nomaly could be described with many grotesque, lengthy adjectives, eventually reaching the point where I decided that chronicling my all-encompassing emotional spectrum in some strips seemed completely appropriate. Whenever you find yourself acting with a greater degree of lunacy than your actual comic strip character, well, my mind tells me that’s pure comic gold.

Update: Here’s what Paul has made so far: