I’m on a short clock today, so I must be brief. First, sorry for today’s horrible art on the strip. Second, this announcement did indeed find its way onto my TweetDeck yesterday, and I’m pretty excited (for him) about it. I think a Chip Kidd-written Batman book could only be described as “a hoot.” Chip can only really be described as the world’s biggest Batman nerd, as well as the King Geek of Design, so this project has to be one of those life-long, dream-come-true situations. I get it: Read books. Read Batman books. Design books. Then design Batman books. Then write books. Then write Batman books. 

Like Paul Rudd’s character’s line in Knocked Up, “I wish I loved anything as much as my kids love bubbles,” I’m not sure I can relate. This would be like me making a Star Wars movie, Halo game, and X-Men comic all at once.

Don’t believe me? Listen to our barely-safe-for-work interview with Chip Kidd and hear for yourself!