Sometimes the most ruthlessly evil ideas will occur to me, and it is during these moments I am glad I have to comic strip as an outlet. I fear that if I did not, I would be absolutely compelled to follow-through on completely awesome ideas like the one in today’s comic.

You want to know how to step it up a notch? I will tell you: Students. Students designers. Ooooh, ouch. No, that’s a little too evil, even for me. Don’t do that. Forget I said that.

I had a great deal of fun last night as I attempted to let the hurt begin to heal at the local AIGA’s social night — it’s a lot like social media, only you interact with actual human beings instead of their avatars. I spoke to one young lady last night for about 15 minutes before realizing that I follow her on Twitter. Worlds collided there, if only momentarily. If your local AIGA has bar nights like this, I highly recommend getting yourself out to one. I even managed to snag a “Become and AIGA volunteer” card, so, *snicker*, we’ll see where that leads, I guess?