It seems I’ve started something with my declaration of Zio’s being the best pizza in four states (those states being, officially and for the record: Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Iowa. If you live on either of the coasts, or London, just imagine the most boring place on Earth to eat pizza and that will represent well against what we are talking about). This was a statement made, like many of mine, without much reason or thought, and as such has begun what I can only describe a medium-wide debate. Well, I am open to being corrected on this matter, but will only do so based on physical evidence, not assertions or opinions. Here’s how this is going to break down:

The 1PT.Rule Great Pizza Hunt

The Great Pizza Hunt will begin tomorrow, August 20, at Zio’s Pizzeria on 130th & Center, in Omaha. We (should you choose to accept this mission) will order slices of pizza to our individual likings that will become the baseline for measurement. We will then travel to other pizzerias and attempt to order the same slices of pizza, and determine then which is better. In this way we are comparing apples to apples, so to speak.

The second stop will be at Yia Yia’s in Lincoln, Nebraska, as it has been the most staunchly defended since Monday as the actual best pizza in Nebraska. If you want to take part in this first leg of The Great Pizza Hunt, you need to attend the local AIGA’s Third Thursday tomorrow at Zio’s for a comparison slice, otherwise your opinion on the matter will be moot.

Other important rules:

Any attendee who participates tomorrow’s inaugural outing will be considered a part of The Great Pizza Crew and may suggest a venue for testing.

Only pizzerias, where pizza is the driving force behind the menu, will be considered for inclusion in The Great Pizza Hunt. If your venue choice offers pizza as only a few choices of a much broader menu selection, it does not count (thus, using Omaha as a baseline, The Upstream is out, Bene Pizza/Pasta could conceivably be in).

Qualifying statements such as “…when this is half price it is totally better…” automatically disqualifies any establishment from consideration. If if needs to be half the price to be enjoyable, it is not enjoyable enough.

Some travel will be necessary, but let’s face it, we’re not driving to Wyoming just for pizza, and South Dakota is a stretch (though Souix Falls is nice, I’d go there again). If you live there, mail us pizza and we will hold an event. Otherwise I’m certainly willing to cross the stream over to Iowa, and would consider going as far as Des Moines if the Pizza Hunt Crew (TBD) is up for it and there’s some sort of design happening, er, happening.

If you are man or woman enough to take part in this epic adventure, sign off in comments below. If not, STFU about your pizza and watch helplessly as we decide your fate.

Your important links:

AIGA Third Thursday

Zio’s Pizzeria

Yia Yia’s (no real website–WTF Lincoln designers?)

–Nate out.