I’ve had this strip written for about 10 to 11 months now, but it always needed the proper setup (see Wednesday’s strip for that). With my penchant for saying the most inappropriate things at the least-appropriate moments, I’ve sometimes fantasized that this scenario is note-for-note what my return to full-time employment would be. No, just kidding. I am an excellent candidate for your office’s design needs. Promise.

It was suggested, rather strongly, last night, that further Great Pizza Hunt Excursions be given their own space on this website, and so that will be the way it goes in the future. Bravo to those who convinced me. 

It was also asserted that this space be reserved to speaking only of things that relate directly to the strip at hand. To which I reply: Batman Returns is the third best Batman movie, hands down. Discuss if you like, but it will not change facts.