AIGA was kind enough to send me an electronic letter the other day, which suggested I might nominate myself (or someone I know) to their national board. Of course someone sprang immediately to mind, and the wheels were set in motion.

I never really see a lot of this process, though there’s a handy webpage to introduce you to it, and it all seems unintentionally secretive. No-one really campaigns to be on the board of directors, it all just sort-of happens. You don’t see posters or viral ads, campaigns spitting bile back and forth at one-another. It’s all rather boring, I think, and that’s why we never see it. Debbie Millman’s President of the AIGA now, and that just sort of makes sense. But did anyone run against her? Was there a smear campaign and a debate? Perhaps a spunky, back-water running mate? Obviously this process has a long way to go.

To help it along, show your support for AIGA’s next National Director of Chairs, Conrad H. Thompson, by downloading this extreme-election wallpaper to your computer or iphone: