I’m short-winded today; as Mondays go, today’s been a little rough. Not the least of which for that damn new AOL, er, Aol. logo that the snakes at Wolff Olins cooked up (check the amazing write-up by friend-of-the-site Alyssa Walker over n Fast Company). “My company’s logo is confusingly-lowercased letters over stock photos!” is the cheer that I’m sure went up to the employees at AOL who didn’t just lose their jobs. Expect a more thorough examination of that situation later.

Also, I’m taking votes as to whether or not to do a comic this Friday. If a lot of you read this are working that day, then yes, but you’ve got to sound off in the comments. If you’re not working, cut me some slack and let me know, and I’ll cook up magic for you first thing Monday morning.

Smiles — nv–