If you’re wondering where we were last week, we were doing the same thing Conrad was doing. Sorry for the unannounced sabbatical, but since the site wasn’t burned down in my absence, and we did put out a pretty rocking podcast, I assume all is well.

You may be asking why this strip has a certain pink-and-magenta-based holiday at its core, and I will tell you. If you are doing a Valentine’s self promotion for your design business, now is the time of making. Not that I’m going to, necessarily. No, my efforts are being put into this contest for the Nebraska AIGA chapter. They do this sort of thing from time to time as a creative exercise and a fundraiser (free to enter, though). Since there’s absolutely no rule stating that you must be a Nebraska resident to enter, I highly suggest rocking something out and entering it. I expect my entries to be full of … character?

That is all. Voss Out.