The CS5 web launch (is it really a launch if you can’t buy it that day? Isn’t it an “announcement?”) is Monday, and I’m sure I’ll be watching because… well at this point I’m kind of committed. Gotta follow through.

I wrote off the iPad the instant Steve Jobs showed it on stage and it was just a big iPod Touch. I said “really?!” and walked away. Last night, I had some time to kill and stopped by a Best Buy, the greatest of all places for a man to kill time. After stumbling around looking at Transformers mega dvd sets and limited edition xboxes I wandered over to play on some macbooks at their little Apple kiosk area. Low and behold, there were four iPads just sitting around to play with and no-one playing with them.

Now I ignored about everything I could ignore about the iPad, I didn’t even know the thing had a speaker, I thought you needed headphones. But they had that thing so loaded with Apps and videos and music and working Wi-fi that I must’ve killed 20 to 25 minutes in the blink of an eye. I read a little bit of Winnie the Pooh and watched some movies. I nearly signed into my Netflix account. I did sign into my twitter. It was actually really cool.

Now I think of iPhones and iPod Touches as just small iPads. I was seriously considering getting an iPhone later this year. Now I’m not.