Hello. Click to make the comic embiggenable. Also, Tyke.

We’ve leaving before sunrise tomorrow for Denver, for HOW, HOW, and the proper HOW. Due to what we are confidently predicting to be a deluge of non-comic content in the coming week, I have acquiesced to Donovan’s demand of making the comics themselves smaller on the home page. We both agree that some of our content tends to bury itself beneath the comic posts and we want you to have access to all of the hotness.

Other solutions have been offered, but there’s more we’re planning to add to this site soon and it doesn’t make sense to redesign everything twice.

This is my first HOW Conference ever, and I am dealing with a level of excitement that’s been building for years. Years spent listening to literally everyone I know telling me how totally awesome they are. The venue, however, leaves me a little perplexed. Denver was the site of my first AIGA conference, and I feel more than a little like I’ve been there and done that. I am looking forward to seeing my friend the big giant blue bear, however. And, like it or not, the matching venues will make it easy for me to compare and contrast the two conferences. AIGA delivered one keynote speaker in an eyepatch and Mig Reyes into my life, so the bar is high, HOW. The bar is high.