Back from a ten-day hiatus with perhaps the longest title ever. Just in case you’re on a small monitor, I want you to know we’ve got a lot of killer stuff under these comic posts, like the new episode of The Reflex Blue Show that launched today, too. We’re still working with WordPress and ComicPress to figure the new system out.

Force Justify first started here and ran for five strips. The sequel, as sequels must, will be a bit broader in scope. I made that logo special just for you.

This has been a hellish month for the strip. First I cut off my damn finger, which is healing very nicely into a dramatic scar. I can type with it again, but it still lacks the sensation of touch for such activities. Then, all last week, my computer experienced kernel panic after kernel panic, for five straight days. After much trial and error I determined that my Wacom driver needed to be updated. This is the current theory, even though I’ve had that thing hooked for two and half years without incident. When you’re a freelancer and your computer takes a dump, let me tell you, you start thinking about things. And stuff. And the general need for backup plans should such unfortunate events prove lasting.

If I ever come up with one I’ll be sure to let you know.