How far have we come in design over the past 10 years? Think butterfly ballots and iPods.

How far has technology evolved between Y2K and the end of 2009? Obviously not enough to where a laptop running GarageBand and iChat can handle more then 15 minutes of audio before crashing with memory problems is the answer to that one.

The aughts also brought designers the merger of Adobe and Macromedia, the demise of the rolodex and a change in how stock imagery is bought.

So this week we bring Steve Gordon and Adam Nielsen out of the frozen lands of Hoth (or Omaha, it’s the same place this week) to recap the last ten years with Nate and I, while making predictions of the next ten.

And how can a design podcast on the past ten years not mention the design blogs, the design podcasts and forums? We can’t – we cover them as well.

As the show progresses, it becomes like the Highlander, “in the end, there can be only one.” The technology delays kill the time we have with Adam. Nate is soon to follow (and since Nate was stranded on a remote area of Hoth, and had to conference in, we immediately moved to more traditional recording methods, making the sound instantly better). Steve and I are left dueling for the Immortality that we both feel destined for until Mig Reyes swoops in with the final say and wins the game.

Do you have some wild predictions of your own for the next ten years? Be sure to leave them here.

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