Katie Risch McAdams: The Reflex Blue Show #252

Katie Risch McAdams, the Chief Marketing Officer at Basis Technologies, was the lunchtime keynote speaker at this year’s OnBrand Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. Recorded from the event on July 13, just after the taco bar had been put away and all of the churros had been consumed.

Her talk, ‘Advertising Through Uncertainty’, is one that is especially timely, as we discuss the last three years (checks calendar, it still says three, although it feels like ten) of changes in the world, and how it affects how companies feel about advertising, and what they should really be thinking about it. We also talk about Basis Technologies, and using technology to reach the intended audience. As Katie’s major was in English, I ask about how this helped in getting into this advertising world, and her path to Basis technologies.

Thanks again to the AAF Nebraska, AMA Lincoln, AMA Omaha, and PRSA Nebraska on a wonderful conference.

And huge thanks to all of the listeners – this is the end of our planned Season 16 of The Reflex Blue Show. I’ll be back sometime in 2024 with Season 17.