So if you missed Monday’s comic, that’s because I missed Monday’s comic, and it happened to fall on Tuesday this week. You may want to read it to give today’s strip a little more context, but, if not, no biggie. I’m sure you get the gist.

It’s been a somewhat distracting week for me as my partner in crime has been tracking pinball and arcade machines with the restless zeal of Aragorn himself. Of course, me being a tremendous gaming nerd, I’ve found myself bitten by the bug as well, learning way more about MAMEs and JAMMAs and replacement joysticks than I ever thought possible. Did you know it’s theoretically possible to pay a pretty low price for a random, crappy arcade cabinet, drop in a new motherboard for the game you want (purchased at 1/10th the cost) and just sort of, slip it in and go to town? Well you do now.

I do believe arcade games will soon become the design office accessory to have.