I am not going to even pretend to be one of those designers out there having a shit-fit about the new Nickelodeon logo (or rather, the passing of the old logo). The new logo is perfectly competent, just aimed at different goals. Will it last 25 years? The better question is probably will it really affect your life if it doesn’t? Most people in my age group grew up with the splatter as a major part of our afternoon programming (I still refuse to acknowledge Nick-At-Night exists due to lingering anger at them taking away my night-time cartoons when I was like 4), and so most designers bemoaning this change are simply holding onto the lingering remains of their past. But, like Transformers, and now G.I.Joe, the time has come to let it go.

Just to let you know, today’s comic started with children, moved on to dogs, grandparents, and finally settled on hobos. That’s how my mind works, so please be grateful to all of my friends and family for installing a self-censor into my mind, even if it only works half the time.