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HOW Live in Boston may have been over for the past month, but we’re just getting started here on The Reflex Blue Show, with the first of seven podcasts we recorded while there.

One of the great things about these conferences is the chance to meet some really talented and amazing individuals in person. I first met Melissa Morris Ivone back when she was handing out Operation Nice stickers to people at conferences, and figured it was about time we helped her spread the nice word. That and she was speaking this time. And her talk had the greatest tile of any given at the conference: “How to Survive Your Soul Crushing Day Job.” Maybe the greatest title out of any of the conferences I have been to.

Stefan Mumaw, no stranger to the show, also sits in to discuss traveling to conferences, the two talks he was giving, helping with a workshop that Von Glitschka was doing, and helping Ben and I give out some truly awful advice throughout this episode. Enjoy, and we will be back next show with riCardo Crespo, talking about his work at 20th Century Fox and Mattell.

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