I know, Photoshop Disasters jokes aren’t really cutting edge. But the other day I was out seeing a movie and I saw this poster hanging on a wall for everyone to see.

Now, both me and my wife recognized this poster, and not because of out love of terrible movies. But the one point I couldn’t grasp was, why on Earth would this poster, after being shunned on the apex of the Photoshop-shunning mountain, be allowed to be manufactured, produced, shipped and displayed near my home? Didn’t someone see the post? Here it is again. Same link, but really, I want to be sure you see it. All I can tell you is, anytime I open Photoshop to make some beauty happen, I fear–fear–the results will appear on that site, because I can’t imagine staying on somewhere once your boss or your client sees that.

And thus today’s comic was born. Yup. That’s how I do it, folks. Thaaaaaat’s how it’s done.