Shayna Kulik: The Reflex Blue Show #245

Shayna Kulik was at the HOW Design Live conference in Nashville this year to talk about how art and culture affect pattern and color. Just a look around any room immediately makes me realize how many patterns I see during a day, and how many I have probably not even noticed, so it was great to be able to talk to a pattern visionary like Shayna to help me understand this aspect of design that I often neglect, but shouldn’t.

We also talk about Shayna being on the board of The Color Association, a group that I didn’t really know existed, but if I give it any thought, a group that I should have known about, and how they use trends and forecasting to figure out how to design color pallets for products that won’t be in existence for another two years. I mean, have noticed that when I buy a shirt, the shoes from a different company somehow coordinate with it, and that only happens by chance every now and then, so of course there is a place to go to make sure the red you use in two years will be the red someone else is using.

We also talk a bit about the difference between the patterns we see, and patterns as in repetition of something happening more than once, as well as where patterns may end up next.

We may be around two months since HOW, but we still have three more podcasts yet to release from the event, so stay tuned. After that, I have already recorded another show remotely, as well as three shows with the keynote speakers at the 2023 OnBrand Conference in Omaha before wrapping up Season 16.