We are two comics away from the odometer clicking over that first zero to a “one” and this is the part where I tell you the big-ish plans we were hatching for the 100th comic have been slightly delayed as the complicated web we’ve woven to bring you this strip is complicated. So these plans will be replaced by smaller, still fun plans, in the interim.

Last week I wrapped up my first set of illustrations as a Veer Marketplace Contributor, and I’m here to report on that process. Smooth as silk, though as the site warns, requiring of patience. In abundance. Patience while you wait, like waiting for a blood test, with no indication of success until word comes all at once. Happily, I shot 10 for 10 from the line, and later this summer you’ll be able to buy some Nate Voss artwork on the cheap — er, on the reasonable — from Veer.

It’s what amounts to a Veer-branded iStock site, which I guess people are calling “microstock” these days. I am okay with that, though there was a time (before my independent employment) when I found the practice somewhat less savory. iStock is the Wal-Mart of image-sites, and Veer has always been like a smaller, cooler boutique chain. Sure it’s a chain, but it’s cooler. It’s like the Apple Store before the Apple Store was everywhere. I’ve always felt like they “got it” from their wallpapers to their blog, and especially their Merch section, from which I scored a few shirts that has in the past years have become worn from wear. So becoming a part of that brand feels very good to me.

So right now there’s 10 Nate Voss’s that will appear on Veer later this summer, and now that I know that whatever it is that I’m doing is what they’re looking for, you can bet there will be more. Have a great weekend.