UPDATE: Whew! Look like this break I’ve taken needs a few more days to rest its legs and recharge its creative batteries. We’ll be back Monday with more 1PT.Rule — thanks for sticking with me!

Original post:

Happy Halloween from 1PT.Rule! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the tribute to the spookiest of holidays, and my selfish homage to The Spooky Old Tree. The Halloween Spectacular started off as a Clue-like murder mystery, and at another point (during the plotting stage) everyone was going to start getting murdered with various supporting characters from the strip popping up. In the end, I’m really happy with the way it went down, and the last panel of this eight-parter is one of my favorites I’ve ever drawn.

1PT.Rule will be back to it’s regular, non-Halloween schedule on Wednesday. I need a little time off after this endeavor to refresh (and wrap up a children’s book).