“Welcome back!” I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately. I honestly thought, coming off of the weak summer schedule, that Fall would be different, and return me back to the salad days of months and months of uninterrupted, three-comic weeks. Alas, it seems I was mistaken, and the workload of managing a full-time independent design career along with part-time professoring has steadily crept back into my comic schedule. So my goal is to start working up a buffer, writing strips ahead of time and roughing them out whenever possible. That should help.

Today’s strip is based on me, last week, pouring through old notebooks looking for ideas for strips. Occasionally something will happen in life and I’ll say “dag, I gotta write that down. That’s going into the comic someday.” This happens quite a lot, and dates back a year now. So please believe me when I say I have no idea what happened to cause me to write down the words “Newton has a client who is a stalker…” but we’re going there anyway.