W00t! Daily comics this week! Yesterday’s went up at like, almost 5:00, so if you missed it, see how this ball gets a rollin’. If not, you know… here. Admittedly this storyline is only tangently related to graphic design, but I think I’m just about done making excuses for going off-topic like this, it happens so often lately. Be sure to tune in tomorrow morning and then Merry Christmas!

Oh, and if you haven’t been around long enough to get the reference for the last panel, it comes from the 17th 1PT.Rule comic back last year. I am hesitant to link to it as it clearly marks the low-water mark of the quality of artwork present on this strip. It literally pains me to give this link to you, so consider yourself warned and protect your eyeballs.

Also Donovan posted our triumphant storming of the main stage at AIGA Make/Think in Memphis last October. We’re at the start of the video, though be sure you stick around for the other presentations — there’s some amazing stuff in there.