Here’s a little late-in-the-day comic action for you office types this week. This is actually so late in the day (unless you’re left-coasting it or something) it almost counts as Wednesday’s strip, but nay! Wednesday has its own strip. I will draw it Wednesday, as I wrote it last week. We are G-2-G in this situation people.

Yesterday we had a fun little thing on twitter. See, I’ve made these toys called Paper Dummies which you can pick up on our downloads page, print out and assemble of out the paper of your choice. We have the entire cast of 1PT.Rule available, with the exception of our stylish ladies man Steve Jordan (about whom the previous week’s worth of comics centered around). Well I took the opportunity of having a story line centered around Steve to finally kick out his Paper Dummy and then sent the thing over to site mega-friend Steve Gordon to do a custom-“paint” of the figure over the weekend. He turned out some hotness in record time and we sent it to everyone who re-tweeted the comic yesterday (almost everyone, I’m still missing a few e-mail addresses). That was the entirety of the window of opportunity there, folks. It was brief and fun.

The Regular Edition Steve Jordan Paper Dummy will be available next week.