Last Monday it was cold here in Omaha. We had half a foot of snow on the ground, and wait, same thing today, great. But what really got us excited to work was speaking with Dyana Valentine.

We covered a number of things between the creative bubble, not being sorry (at Trader Joe’s anyway, feel free to be sorry at Wally World), and speaking at 3 of the 4 HOW Live conferences in Boston this June (If 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, then Dyana is doing great).

Joined by co-host Ben Lueders, we bring you Dyana Valentine on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy.

Also, we bring (and we put in a chapter marker, so you can skip right to it if you prefer) what we hope will be a fairly regular feature through the rest of season 5, inspirational short tidbits from Dyana we’re calling “Dyana’s Valentine Note”.

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