Jada Britto: The Reflex Blue Show #248

As the last of this year’s HOW Design Live podcast interviews, Jada Britto joins me to discuss her talk on, ‘Reigniting Hope: Breaking Out of the Checkbox Mentality.’ I had met Jada the day before at the conference, and immediately knew I would love to have a longer chat, and thankfully, we found a time to record the next day with just hours of the conference left. We discuss what a checkbox mentality is and how to get out of it, diversity of thought, when to bring up designing for accessibility with your client, her teaching Design Management at Georgetown, her designing more sustainable packaging at Colgate-Palmolive, and more.

Once again, big thanks goes out to the team at HOW Design Live for bringing in such a great group of speakers, and giving me the opportunity to talk to a number of them. For those who missed any, at the 2023 event, I recorded three recap shows:

I also recorded eight interview podcasts (including this one):

I have four more episodes recorded (three from the 2023 OnBrand Conference in Omaha) that will be launching in the next month(ish) to wrap up Season 16 of The Reflex Blue Show.